CONNECT is a community driven Online Collaborative Platform, which allows members of the ICT community – Resellers, Distributors & Vendors to connect, share & trade securely and efficiently amongst themselves. CONNECT focusses in bringing all stakeholders on a common platform giving everyone the opportunity to benefit and contribute. It facilitates the tools and knowledge, required to grow your business.

Grow your business with CONNECT
  • 30,000+ Channel Partners and Growing

  • Channels Representing Over $ 1.6 Trillion ICT Economy

  • 20+ High Growth Economies Across Asia

  • Addressing Market Size Of 2.5 Billion People



Customize Notifications

Members can select which types of messages they would like to push thru push notifications (news, offers, event updates, etc)


Profile of the Month

post in-depth profiles of top channel players (interviews, photos, key stats). GATES own content. can be coordinated with media partners to get extra coverage (for interviewee and for GATES) and ‘give face’ to key influencers


Paid Outreach

credible platform for advertisers to run promotional campaigns that might include banner ads, email blasts, recruitment for road shows, etc



marketplace for buyers, sellers and traders to post (RFPs, deals, matching offers, etc), only available for members, but not reviewed or guaranteed by GATES

Survey Function

users can share their feedback on industry outlook (GATES own reporting), on vendor performance. Available to GOLD & PREMIUM members

Research and Reports

exclusive research/reports available for download only to members (white papers, extracts from research partners, survey results)


live-streaming -or- video library with seminars (highlights from GATES conference or workshops)

Curated News Feed

content from a wide array of sources put together in short, digestible paragraphs. displayed as a news feed for members, also repurposed as a subscription e-newsletter

Featured Columnists

sharing opinion from key influencers in the industry (regular column or one-time)

Job Postings

members can advertise open positions and search for candidates (combined with events, recruitment/search is a motivation for many attendees)

Build and establish your company presence with local resellers
Find and connect with resellers
Access to all posted articles
Search for and view profiles of resellers by region
Build private networks and message members in your network
Access to any country of choice upto 5 Countries upto 10 Countries
Featured vendor advert space for 12 months (side board)
Article post per year, delivery into inbox 12 Posts 24 Posts
Cross post articles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
Insert training video to launch a product or to facilitate products understanding
EDM blasts to registered channels 1 EDM Upto 2 EDM
Add Offers/ Deals a month 2 Offers 4 Offers
Surveys to targeted audience per year Upto 4 Surveys Upto 8 Surveys
Participation in any 1 of GATES Channel Summits