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OpenShift Simplified

01. ISV Program Highlights

02. Certification Program

03 Partner Playbook

Why Partner with Red Hat & Intel ?

When silicon and software are designed-from the beginning-to work together, organizations have the opportunity to optimize applications and business processes. Application security, performance, and reliability begin at the chip level , and the software works to unleash the full power of compute.

25-year commitment to open source

  • Long-standing relationship

  • Support for the customer transformation journey

  • Co-engineering strength

  • Robust joint ecosystem of partners

  • Two known and trusted brands

Partnership to deliver more value from technology

  • Innovation at the speed of open source

  • Customer-focused technology solutions, without vendor lock-in

  • Long-standing commitment to delivering enterprise-ready, open source solutions

  • Cost-effective solutions designed for large-scale deployment

Focus on innovation and transformation

  • Deep cloud computing expertise

  • Innovation led by business demand with a focus on enabling digital transformation strategies

  • Automation and orchestration with a multicloud focus

  • Interoperable hardware platforms and software for next-generation use cases

Joint alignment

  • Two industry leaders driving innovation

  • Solutions for customer challenges while staying focused on customer innovation

  • Creation of open industry platforms with a focus on security simplification

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