When Small and Medium Businesses face the triad of tyranny – flat or declining budgets, infrastructure assuming greater complexity each day and every day and manifestable risks from a 360 degree perspective – the solution is HPE MSA Hybrid Storage. The Gen6 is the latest one.

Up to 50% performance improvement compared to HPE MSA Gen5

12 Gb SAS midplane

Wide range of SFF/LFF media options

Bye to Bottlenecks and Network Congestion

HPE HCI 2.0 shared storage feature eliminates network traffic across nodes resulting in low latency and brings an end to storage bottlenecks and network congestion.

The Secret Behind 99.9999% Availability

With six-nines availability, HCI 2.0 has unique strength and capability.

  • Always-on data reduction with storage being kept dense
  • Can store more data than any other platform
  • Multi-site disaster recovery through advanced replication

Elimination of tuning and assured performance enhancements are two of the gains from a multitude of achievements.

The Power of AI to The Rescue

AI-powered monitoring tools predict and prevent disruptions and provide cross-stack analytics that add to application performance and resource use optimization

  • The solution deploys 91% quicker when compared to traditional infrastructure
  • Rack-to-apps deployment in less than 15 minutes
  • Automatic resource discovery, configuration and provisioning too

All these come packed with sub-millisecond latency.

VM Farms and High Visibility

Sprawling VM farms are kept under control rather easily. Visibility, which is data centric, extends across the infrastructure and across every VM.

No more trade-offs, rule your storage your way.